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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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861 Turpin Norse Thunder Finn. M
862 Tyr Norse God of war. M
863 Uald Norse Ruler. F
864 Ugbjom Norse War bear. M
865 Uigbiorn Norse War bear. M
866 Ulfmaerr Norse Famous wolf. M
867 Ull Norse God of skiers. M
868 Ulmer Norse Famous wolf. M
869 Uni Norse A Dane. M

870 Unn Norse Love. F
871 Unne Norse Love. F
872 Ura Norse From the corner property. M
873 Utgard Loki Norse A mythical king of the giants. M
874 Vaetild Norse Mother of the Skraeling children. F
875 Vaetilda Norse Mother of the Skraeling children. F
876 Valda Norse Rules. F
877 Valdis Norse Daughter of Thorbrand. F
878 Valgerd Norse Ruling protection. F
879 Vali Norse Son of Odin. M
880 Valkyrie Norse Frey's priestesses. F

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