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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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21 Ambjorg Norse Eagle protection. F
22 Amdis Norse Eagle spirit. F
23 Amhlaoibh Norse Relic from an ancestor. M
24 Amma Norse Grandmother. F
25 Amora Norse Light eagle. F
26 Amund Norse Bridal gift. M
27 Amundi Norse Bridal gift. M
28 An Norse Son of Grim. M
29 Ander Norse Norse form of Andrew. M

30 Anderson Norse Son of Ander. M
31 Andras Norse Breath. F
32 Andvaranaut Norse Brunhild's ring. M
33 Andvari Norse Mythical treasure guardian. M
34 Angerboda Norse A giant. F
35 Angerbotha Norse A giant. F
36 Angrboda Norse A giant. F
37 Annar Norse Father of the world. M
38 Anrid Norse Wife of Ketil Fjorleifarson. F
39 Anselma Norse Protected by God. F
40 Ansgar Norse Spear of the gods. M


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