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Popular Maori names for girls and boys

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1 Aka Maori Affectionate. F
2 Akahata Maori Supreme. M
3 Akenehi Maori Pure. F
4 Akona Maori To enthuse. F
5 Amahau Maori To gather. M
6 Amiria Maori Industrious, from Amelia. F
7 Ana Maori Serene. F
8 Anewa Maori To fall. M
9 Ani Maori Maori form of Anne. F

10 Aperira Maori The Maori form of April. F
11 Aputa Maori Open spaces. F
12 Arama Maori Spring. F
13 Ari Maori Visible and clear. M
14 Aroha Maori Love. F
15 Arona Maori Colorful. F
16 Aronui Maori Desire. Great desire. F
17 Ata Maori Image. F
18 Awhina Maori Helper, supporter. F
19 Emere Maori Maori form of Emily. F
20 Erihapeti Maori Maori form of Elizabeth. F

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