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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
2781 Scota Latin From Ireland. F
2782 Season Latin Fertile. F

2783 Seb Latin Diminutive of Sebastian: Venerable. M
2784 Sebastian Latin Venerable; revered. The twin brother of Viola in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. A third-century martyred centurion who became St. Sebastian patron saint of soldiers. M
2785 Sebastiana Latin Majestic. F
2786 Sebastiane Latin Majestic. F
2787 Sebastianus Latin August. M
2788 Secuba Latin Born second. F
2789 Segesta Latin Daughter of Phoenodamas. F
2790 Segundo Latin Born second. M
2791 Selwyn Latin House friend. M
2792 Semele Latin Mother of Dionysus. F
2793 Sena Latin Blessed. F

2794 Septima Latin Feminine form of Septimus: Born seventh. Name given to the seventh child born to a large family. F
2795 Septimus Latin Born seventh. Name given to the seventh child born to a large family. M
2796 Sercio Latin Protector; shepherd. A saint's name. Serjio. M
2797 Serena Latin Calm; tranquil. F
2798 Serene Latin Tranquil. F
2799 Sereno Latin Calm. M
2800 Serenus Latin Calm. M

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