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61 Midori Japanese Green. F
62 Miki Japanese Three trees together. F
63 Miki Japanese Tree. M
64 Mikio Japanese Three trees together. M
65 Minoru Japanese Bear fruit. M
66 Mitsu Japanese Surname meaning shine; reflect. F
67 Miya Japanese Three arrows; temple. F
68 Montaro Japanese Big boy. M
69 Morio Japanese Forest boy. M

70 Nariko Japanese Gentle child. F
71 Nikki Japanese Two trees. Used as surname. F
72 Nikki Japanese Two trees. Surname. M
73 Nikko Japanese Daylight. Surname. M
74 Noriko Japanese Child of ceremony; law; order. F
75 Rai Japanese Trust; lightning; thunder. M
76 Rei Japanese Law; strive. M
77 Reizo Japanese Cool; calm; well-groomed. M
78 Renjiro Japanese Clean; upright; honest. M
79 Renzo Japanese Third link or third son. M
80 Rinji Japanese Peaceful forest. M

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