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Popular Gaelic names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
381 Duffy Gaelic Dark skinned. M
382 Dugald Gaelic Dark stranger. M

383 Dugan Gaelic Dark skinned. M
384 Dughall Gaelic Dark stranger. M
385 Duncan Gaelic Dark warrior 'Brown-haired.'. M
386 Dymphna Gaelic Little poet. F
387 Eachann Gaelic Steadfast. M
388 Eachthighearn Gaelic Horse lord. M
389 Ealadhach Gaelic Genius. M
390 Ealasaid Gaelic Devoted to God. F
391 Ealuvig Gaelic Ruler of the home. M
392 Eaman Gaelic Earnest. M
393 Eamon Gaelic Rich protector. M

394 Eamonn Gaelic Rich protector. M
395 Eanrin Gaelic Handsome. M
396 Edana Gaelic Fiery. F
397 Egan Gaelic Young fighter. M
398 Egann Gaelic Variant of Egan: Fire. M
399 Egon Gaelic Young fighter. M
400 Eideann Gaelic Fiery. F

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