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221 Neema Egyptian Born to wealthy parents. F
222 Nefertari Egyptian Name of a queen. F
223 Nefertiti Egyptian Name of a queen. F
224 Nefertum Egyptian God worshipped in Memphis. M
225 Neith Egyptian The divine mother. F
226 Nekhbet Egyptian Mythical vulture goddess. F
227 Nephthys Egyptian Mythical nature goddess daughter of Nut and Geb. F
228 Net Egyptian The divine mother. F
229 Ngozi Egyptian Blessed. M

230 Nile Egyptian From the Nile. F
231 Niu Egyptian God of nothingness. M
232 Niut Egyptian Mythical goddess of nothingness. F
233 Nizsm Egyptian Disriplined. M
234 Nkosi Egyptian Rules. M
235 Nkrumsh Egyptian Ninth born. M
236 Nkuku Egyptian Rooster. M
237 Nourbese Egyptian Wonderful. F
238 Nubia Egyptian From Nubia. F
239 Nun Egyptian God of the ocean. M
240 Nuru Egyptian Born during the day. F


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