Progeny Prospects Report

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Your Child is your future

Child prospects, progeny prospects report, lack of children, remedies to child birth
  • Having problems in child birth
  • Delay in child birth
  • Lack of children
  • Having loss of children

Children are future of our life, without child you can't even dream your future.. This progeny prospects report is a solution to your problems related to child birth. This report analyses your birth charts (The details of both the husband and wife are needed for this report) and gives you the detailed report. It contains what are the problems/ doshas you are having in your chart, solutions and remedial recommandations for these doshas, timing of child birth (Please note that I don't tell gender of Child).

In a birth chart fifth house tells about children. Jupiter, Venus and Mars are key planets regarding children. These tells one will have children or not. Afflicated 5th house or 5th lord delays childbirth or gives problem in childbirth. Pitru dosha, Sarpa dosha and some other doshas also causes delay in childbirth or lack of children. This report discusses about these issues and gives Vedic Remedies for doshas which are causing delay in childbirth.

To order this report you need to send your birth details along with your life partners birth details.

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