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Vedic Astrology Remedies, Planetary YagyasDoshas and Remedies report is a unique way to find out the cause of our problems. This report explains the reasons and their solutions to our problems based on your birth chart. Vedic astrology describes about the sins done by us in previous birth or this birth. These sins will cause problems like health problems, Marriage problems, Child problems etc.. This report also deals with the special yogas and planetary combinations, positions causing problems to us. This report also includes sade sathi dates and details of remedies to be done in sade sathi period.

Worshiping planets and their lords in a proper way will nullify doshas caused by these planets. It's not possible to anyone to completely remove doshas caused by planets but performing remedies will reduce negative effects. This report tells what remedies needed and how to perform them. I believe in Vedic remedies so I give Vedic remedies along with alternative remedies (for those who are unable to perform Vedic remedies).
You will receive a detailed report of doshas and remedies based on your birth chart.

Default Delivery of all reports is email. If you want a chat or phone session instead of report you need to select delivery of service as phone or chat when you are filling order form.

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