Kuta Matching

Boy's Rashi/ Nakshatra/ Charan
Girl's Rashi/ Nakshatra/ Charan

The Star Match service offers a tool for checking marriage compatibility using the Moon signs (Rashi) and birth stars (Nakshatra) of a potential bride and groom. By selecting the Rashi and Nakshatra for both individuals, you'll receive a compatibility score along with detailed insights. You also have the option to download this compatibility analysis as a PDF report. This service uses the traditional astakuta method for matching, making it unique in providing insights into specific astrological conflicts such as eka nadi dosha, bhakuta dosha, and gana kuta dosha, including any possible cancellations of these issues. Additionally, it evaluates if the individuals are born under incompatible stars or if sharing the same birth star affects the match positively or negatively.