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Vastu Shastra


(2) Location and Environment : As far as possible the site should be level or sloping towards North and East or North-East. If it is a small one, which normally is the case in the towns or cities, there should not be any big trees like Aswatha (peepul) , Mango, Banana , Tamarind etc., whose roots and branches may cause damage to the building. If the site is big then the building area should be sufficiently away from them. Site which has fertile earth, flowering plants, fruit trees, grass etc., is good and sites without the source of ground water should be avoided. Those abutting temples, ashramas, schools, colleges, mantapas are not advisable for obvious reasons and sites behind Vishnu temple or to the left of Durga temple are also not good and it should be atleast 50 meters away from a Shiva temple. (Any site to the South or West of hills shall be rejected, but site towards the East or North of hills should be accepted.)

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