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Vastu Shastra


For any building the land (Kshetra) is the basicrequirement and utmost care must be taken in it???sselection. Normally an Architect or Vaastu Shilpi isbrought into the scene only at the designing stage but itis advisable to involve him at the stage of buying theland itself. In selection of the land the followingaspects should be taken care of :

(1) Types of Earth : Earth is classified accordingto it???s colour brick red, dark brown; white, red, yellow,mixed colour, black and also according to their smell,taste. Texture, etc., Black and clayey soil is not goodfor construction and while designing the foundation/ foot-ings, the load bearing capacity of the soil should beascertained. Sites with big boulders, anthills or wheremurder or burial has taken place and those with looseor filled -up earth should be avoided.

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