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Vastu Shastra

Five elements

5. Space :- Space is the most widely spread over of the five basic elements. The unending region of the uni- verse in which all the heavenly bodies exist is called space ( Aakaash ). There is no place in the universe where this space does not exist. Gravitational pull of various heavenly bodies, magnetic power, different kinds of radiations and waves like ultra -violet rays, infra- red rays, light rays , cosmic rays, etc. are always present in space. Their effects can be felt in many forms, and many activities and designs ( plans ) in our life are conducted by their effects .Sound is produced in space only. If there is no space, sound waves are not pos- sible. The form in which space permits the building will decide accordingly the form of our talking, singing and playing, weeping and other activities. The echo of our sound will go according to space. Therefore, the houses should be built in such a way and plan that these invisible forces of nature and the energies generated by them can be fully utilized and their harmful effects can be avoided.
Human body is also made of five basic elements and similarly all the other things of the world are made of them. Therefore, the five basic elements existing inside and outside man have a constant though invisible relation which affects activities of life. In our residence or office buildings, etc., are constructed in a well- planned manner keeping in view the effects of ??? Panchmahabhoot???, i.e. the five basic elements - earth, water, air, space and fire- life can be full of more happiness and prosperity.
The ancient Rishis and Sages had knowledge of the relation between five basic elements and their energies and their utility in needed quantity. Therefore, vaastu shastra explains such principles of house building according to which appropriate use of the effects of these five basic elements can be achieved by selecting land accordingly, as soil inhabits our body, similarly our body inhabits a building. The effects of these five basic elements have been fully taken care of in the principles laid down in Vaastu Shastra, by which a residence can be made for a comfortable life and not merely for show.

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