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Vastu Shastra

Vasthu Shastra basics

2. WATER :- It is most essential for all creatures and is a basic element in construction. Water forms 3/4 part of body???s weight. All of us know about different forms and resources of water . The quantity of water avail- able at present is limited and is less than the ( PANCH MAHABHOOT )requirement. Not only for creatures and vegetation but also for house construction , water is needed in sufficient quantity. Therefore , it should be ensured be- fore house construction , whether water will remain available or not . Usually , in most of the villages a pond is available along with ground water source , which is maintained by villagers themselves . People inhabit colonies on the banks of rivers, lakes and sea, where underground water is available in large quantity and wells can be dug up in a suitable place for colonies . Shape and size of building and life-style are designed at a place according to the availability of wa- ter and relation with land. Taking care of water also means the house is stable even during heavy rains, the building is not harmed and flood does not cause havoc . Taste forms, feeling and sound are characteristics of water .

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