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Tula Rashi May 2015 Rashiphal (Rashifal)

Monthly forecast for Libra Sign

Tula Rashi May 2015 Rashiphal (Rashifal)People born under Chitta (3,4 Pada), Swati (4), Vishakha (1, 2, 3 Pada) comes under Tula rashi. Lord of this rashi is Venus.

This month for Tula rashi people Venus, lord of 8th and 1st houses, transiting over Mithuna rashi, 9th house from 2nd May to 30th May and then he moves to Karkataka rashi, 10th house. Mars, lord of 7th and 2nd houses transiting over Vrishabha rashi, 8th house from 3rd May to 16th June. Sun, lord of 11th house, transiting over Mesha rashi, 7th house up to 15th May and then he moves to Vrishabha rashi, 8th house. Mercury, lord of 9th and 12th houses, transits over Vrishabha rashi, 8th house entire May month. Jupiter transits over Karka rashi, 10th house, Saturn transits over Vrishchika rashi, 2nd house, Rahu transits over Kanya rashi, 12th house and Ketu over Meena rashi, 6th house.

This month will be full of problems and obstacles. The negative events will be more in prominence as compared to the position results. You will not be on good terms with your wife. The two of you will have constant fights over minor issues. There will be lack of mutual understanding in your relationship. Her attitude and behaviour will depress you. As a result of this the atmosphere at home will be disturbed and tense. There will be hassles even in business. Your business partner may try to cheat so do not trust him. You may have monetary losses in business which will throw your financial position totally off balance. And you will find yourself in a state of destitution. Along with this you will not be keeping good health so in order to save yourself from a serious complications you must get yourself thoroughly checked and take good care of your health. This is not a good month for investments. Month end will give some good change in career.

Mesha rashi,May Month rashi phal for ... rashi
vrishabha rashi, May Month rashi phal
Mithuna rashi, May Month rashi phal
Karka rashi, May Month rashi phal
Simha rashi, May Month rashi phal
Kanya rashi, May Month rashi phal
Tula rashi, May Month rashi phal
Vrishchika rashi, May Month rashi phal
Dhanu rashi, May Month rashi phal
Makara rashi, May Month rashi phal
Kumbha rashi, May Month rashi phal
Meena rashi, May Month rashi phal
Please Note: All these predictions are based on Major planetary transits and Moon sign based predictions. These are just indicative only, Not personalised predictions.

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