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Numerology Name correction

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Free Numerology name correction - English

This numerology name correction software helps you to correct your name based on Numerology. Please note: Name correction means not spelling correction, we need to change total name based on our number. Spelling correction is baseless and it wont give any favorable result. Name change is based on vibrations when someone call us, or use our name in documents or Pujas, yagyas etc.. Changing of spelling won't give you any positive effect at pujas, yagyas or any traditional deeds as we use name not spelling. For ex. if someone changes his spelling like 'ramesh' to 'rammesh' or 'rameash' we call him as ramesh only so don't go with spelling change, if you want to change name, change total name or add sub names like for ramesh add 'sai ramesh' or 'sri ramesh' etc but not rammesh or rameash.
Use below given form to check your name is compatible with your lucky number or nor. This will help you to have proper name.

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