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Popular Teutonic names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
281 Egan Teutonic Formidable. M
282 Egbert Teutonic Formidably intelligent. M

283 Egon Teutonic Formidable. M
284 Einri Teutonic Intelligent. M
285 Elbert Teutonic Nobly intelligent. M
286 Elberta Teutonic Intelligent. F
287 Elda Teutonic Warrior. F
288 Elde Teutonic Warrior. F
289 Elden Teutonic The elder. M
290 Eldon Teutonic The elder. M
291 Eldora Teutonic Gift of wisdom. F
292 Eldred Teutonic Battle counselor. M
293 Eldridge Teutonic Battle counselor. M

294 Elemer Teutonic Awe inspiring. M
295 Elfreda Teutonic Threatens the elves. F
296 Elfrida Teutonic Threatens the elves. F
297 Elga Teutonic Holy. F
298 Elgar Teutonic Shining spear. M
299 Elke Teutonic Industrious. F
300 Ellard Teutonic Nobly brave. M

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