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Popular Swedish names for girls and boys

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301 Peder Swedish Stone. M
302 Per Swedish Stone. M
303 Petra Swedish Stone. F
304 Petronella Swedish Stone. F
305 Petter Swedish Stone. M
306 Pia Swedish Pious. F
307 Pol Swedish Little. M
308 Poul Swedish Little. M
309 Quenby Swedish Womanly. F

310 Quinby Swedish Womanly. F
311 Ragnar Swedish Strong army. M
312 Ragnara Swedish Feminine form of Ragnor: strong army. F
313 Ragnhild Swedish Feminine form of Ragnor: strong army. F
314 Ragnor Swedish Strong army. M
315 Ragnvard Swedish Powerful fighter. M
316 Rakel Swedish Swedish form of Rachel: lamb. F
317 Rigmor Swedish Name of a queen. F
318 Rigmora Swedish Name of a queen. F
319 Rikard Swedish Swedish form of Richard 'strong ruler'. M
320 Roald Swedish Swedish form of Ronald 'powerful'. M

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