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Popular Scandinavian names for girls and boys

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141 Folke Scandinavian People. M
142 Folki Scandinavian Variant of Folke: People. M
143 Frederik Scandinavian Peaceful ruler. M
144 Fredric Scandinavian Peaceful ruler. M
145 Fredrick Scandinavian Peaceful ruler. M
146 Fredrik Scandinavian Peaceful ruler. M
147 Frey Scandinavian Supreme Lord. M
148 Freya Scandinavian Lady. Derived from the name of Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility and mythological wife of Odin. F
149 Freyja Scandinavian Norse goddess of love and fertility. F

150 Fridtjof Scandinavian Variant of Fritjof: Thief of peace. M
151 Fridtjov Scandinavian Variant of Fritjof: Thief of peace. M
152 Fritjof Scandinavian Thief of peace. M
153 Fritjov Scandinavian Variant of Fritjof: Thief of peace. M
154 Frodi Scandinavian Name of an ancient Danish king. M
155 Garth Scandinavian Garden. M
156 Gerda Scandinavian Guardian. Peace. Fertility. Famous bearer: Gerda was the beautiful mythological Scandinavian wife of Frey (Freyr), god of peace and fertility. Gerda was also a character in Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Snow Queen'. F
157 Greta Scandinavian Pearl. Abbreviation of Margaret. F
158 Gunnar Scandinavian Battler; warrior. M
159 Haakon Scandinavian High-born. M
160 Hakan Scandinavian High-born. M

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