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221 Michal Polish Form of Michael 'Who is like God?'. M
222 Mikolai Polish Polish form of Nicholas 'victory of the people'. M
223 Mikolaj Polish Polish form of Nicholas 'victory of the people'. M
224 Minka Polish Strong. F
225 Miron Polish Peace. M
226 Morela Polish Apricot. F
227 Nadzia Polish Hope. F
228 Nata Polish Hope. F
229 Natia Polish Hope. F

230 Nelek Polish Horn. M
231 Nelka Polish Stone. F
232 Nikodem Polish Conqueror of the people. M
233 Nikolai Polish Victorious; conquerer of the people. Variant of Nicholas. M
234 OLes Polish Polish form of Alexander 'defends mankind'. M
235 Olesia Polish Polish form of Alexandra: defends mankind. F
236 Otylia Polish Lucky heroine. F
237 Patryk Polish Polish form of Patrick 'noble'. M
238 Paulina Polish Little. F
239 Pawel Polish Polish form of Paul 'Little'. M
240 Pawelek Polish Polish form of Paul 'Little'. M

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