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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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141 Bolthor Norse A mythical giant. M
142 Bolverk Norse A disguise of Odin. M
143 Booth Norse Herald. M
144 Bor Norse Father of Odin. M
145 Borg Norse From the castle. M
146 Borghild Norse Wife of Sigmund. F
147 Borghilda Norse Wife of Sigmund. F
148 Borghlide Norse Wife of Sigmund. F
149 Borgny Norse Help. F

150 Bori Norse Father of Bor. M
151 Bork Norse Killed by Gunnar. M
152 Bothe Norse Herald. M
153 Bothi Norse Herald. M
154 Botilda Norse Directing heroine. F
155 Bragi Norse God of poetry. M
156 Brand Norse Firebrand. M
157 Brander Norse Firebrand. M
158 Brandr Norse Firebrand. M
159 Branstock Norse A tree in Volsung's palace. M
160 Brede Norse Broad. M

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