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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
261 Eryk Norse Eternal ruler. M
262 Esbjorn Norse Bear of the gods. M

263 Eske Norse Spear of the gods. M
264 Eskil Norse Vessel of the gods. M
265 Eyfrod Norse Farmed at Tongue. M
266 Eyjolf Norse Killed by Kari. M
267 Eystein Norse Lucky. M
268 Eyvind Norse Son of Lodin. M
269 Fafner Norse A mythical dragon. M
270 Fafnir Norse A mythical dragon. M
271 Fasolt Norse Killed by Fafnir. M
272 Faste Norse Firm. M
273 Fell Norse From the rough hill. M

274 Fenris Norse A mythical monster wolf. M
275 Finn Norse Finder. M
276 Finnbogi Norse A merchant. M
277 Fjall Norse From the rough hill. M
278 Fjorgyn Norse Mother of Thor. F
279 Floki Norse A heroic Viking. M
280 Flosi Norse A chieftain. M

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