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81 Bemossed NativeAmerican Walker. M
82 Bena NativeAmerican Pheasant. F
83 Beshiltheeni NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning metalworker. M
84 Bidziil NativeAmerican He is strong (Navajo). M
85 Bilagaana NativeAmerican White person (Navajo). M
86 Bimisi NativeAmerican Slippery. M
87 Bisahalani NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning speaker. M
88 Bly NativeAmerican Tall. F
89 Bodaway NativeAmerican Fire maker. M

90 Bornbazine NativeAmerican Variant of Abornazine: Abnaki word for keeper of the flame. M
91 Buegoneguig NativeAmerican Chippewa name meaning hole in the sky. M
92 Canowicakte NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning forest hunter. M
93 Cashesegra NativeAmerican Osage name meaning tracks of a large animal. M
94 Catori NativeAmerican Spirit (Hopi). F
95 Cetanwakuwa NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning attacking hawk. M
96 Cha'akmongwi NativeAmerican Crier chief (Hopi). M
97 Cha'kwaina NativeAmerican One who cries (Hopi). F
98 Cha'risa NativeAmerican Elk (Hopi). F
99 Cha'tima NativeAmerican The caller (Hopi). M
100 Chankoowashtay NativeAmerican Good road (Sioux). M

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