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Popular Muslim names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1961 Shuja'at Muslim Bravery. Courage.. M
1962 Shujaa' Muslim Variant of Shuja': Courageous. Brave.. M

1963 Shujaa'at Muslim Variant of Shuja'at: Bravery. Courage.. M
1964 Siara Muslim Pure. Holy.. F
1965 Siaraa Muslim Variant of Siara: Pure. Holy.. F
1966 Siba Muslim Variant of Siba': The Queen of Sheba.. F
1967 Siba' Muslim The Queen of Sheba.. F
1968 Sibt Muslim Grandson. Tribe.. M
1969 Siddeeq Muslim Variant of Siddiq: Friend. Righteous.. M
1970 Siddeeqa Muslim Variant of Siddiqa: Friend. Righteous.. F
1971 Siddiq Muslim Friend. Righteous.. M
1972 Siddiqa Muslim Friend. Righteous.. F
1973 Sidq Muslim Truth. Sincerity.. M

1974 Siham Muslim Arrows.. F
1975 Sihar Muslim Enchantment. Fascination.. F
1976 Sikeena Muslim Variant of Sikina: Tranquility. Devout.. F
1977 Sikina Muslim Tranquility. Devout.. F
1978 Sileema Muslim Variant of Salima: Safe. Mild.. F
1979 Silwa Muslim Quail.. F
1980 Simab Muslim Mercury. Quicksilver.. M

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