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2121 Waa'iz Muslim Variant of Wa'iz: Preacher. Advisor.. M
2122 Waahib Muslim Variant of Wahib: Liberal. Donor.. M
2123 Waamiq Muslim Variant of Wamiq: Loving. Friendly.. M
2124 Waathiq Muslim Variant of Wathiq: Confident. Strong.. M
2125 Wabiba Muslim Variant of Wahibah: Giver. Donor.. F
2126 Wadee' Muslim Variant of Wadi': Calm. Peaceful.. M
2127 Wadi' Muslim Calm. Peaceful.. M
2128 Wafa' Muslim Faithfulness.. F
2129 Wafeeq Muslim Variant of Wafiq: Successful.. M

2130 Wafeeqah Muslim Variant of Wafiqah: Successful.. F
2131 Wafiq Muslim Successful.. M
2132 Wafiqah Muslim Successful.. F
2133 Wafiyyah Muslim Loyal. Faithful.. F
2134 Wahdat Muslim Unity. Loneliness.. M
2135 Waheed Muslim Variant of Wahid: Unique. Single. Exclusively. Unequalled.. M
2136 Waheeda Muslim Variant of Wahidah: Sole. Single.. F
2137 Waheefa Muslim Variant of Wahifa: Servant. Lady-in-waiting.. F
2138 Wahhaaj Muslim Variant of Wahhaj: Glowing. Sparkling.. M
2139 Wahhaj Muslim Glowing. Sparkling.. M
2140 Wahib Muslim Liberal. Donor.. M

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