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3061 Victoria Latin Victory; triumphant. Famous Bearer: Queen Victoria (1819-1901). F
3062 Victorien Latin Conqueror. M
3063 Victorin Latin Conqueror. M
3064 Victorine Latin Feminine form of Victor: Conqueror. F
3065 Victriv Latin Triumphant. F
3066 Victriva Latin Triumphant. F
3067 Vidal Latin Life. M
3068 Vidor Latin Conqueror. M
3069 Vigilia Latin Alert. F

3070 Vikki Latin Diminutive of Victoria: Victory; triumphant. Famous Bearer: Queen Victoria (1819-1901). F
3071 Viktor Latin Conqueror. M
3072 Viktoras Latin Conqueror. M
3073 Viktoria Latin Triumphant. F
3074 Viktoryn Latin Conqueror. M
3075 Vin Latin Diminutive of Vincent: Conquering. M
3076 Vince Latin Conqueror. M
3077 Vincens Latin Conqueror. M
3078 Vincent Latin Conquering. M
3079 Vincente Latin Conqueror. M
3080 Vincentia Latin Triumphant. F

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