Popular Latin Origin Baby Names

Popular Latin names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
2921 Tigris Latin From the Tigris. F
2922 Tigrisa Latin From the Tigris. F

2923 Tigrisia Latin From the Tigris. F
2924 Timandra Latin Sister of Helen. F
2925 Tina Latin Name ending used as an independent name and in combination with other names i.e. Tinamarie. F
2926 Tiryns Latin Aunt of Hercules. F
2927 Tisha Latin Diminutive of Letitia: Joy. F
2928 Tita Latin Honored. F
2929 Tithonus Latin A lover of Aurora. M
2930 Tito Latin Saved; Titus was the Biblical Greek Christian missionary to whom Paul wrote a canonical letter. M
2931 Titus Latin Saved. M
2932 Toinette Latin Praiseworthy. F
2933 Tonia Latin Praiseworthy. F

2934 Tony Latin Above praise. M
2935 Topaz Latin Jewel. F
2936 Torrentem Latin Swift. M
2937 Tracy Latin Bold. M
2938 Trent Latin Swift. M
2939 Tricia Latin Diminutive of Patricia: Noble. St. Patricia was a 7th century patron saint of Naples. F
2940 Trinity Latin Three in one. F

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