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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
2761 Salina Latin From a salty place. F
2762 Saline Latin From a salty place. F

2763 Salmoneus Latin King of Elis. M
2764 Salva Latin Wise. F
2765 Salvador Latin Savior. M
2766 Salvator Latin Savior. M
2767 Salvia Latin Wise. F
2768 Salvina Latin Wise. F
2769 Salvinia Latin Wise. F
2770 Salvino Latin Savior. Diminutive of Salvador. M
2771 Samia Latin Wife of Ancaeus. F
2772 Sancia Latin Sacred. F
2773 Sancta Latin Sacred. F

2774 Santos Latin Saints. M
2775 Sargent Latin Military attendant. M
2776 Sarpedon Latin A Trojan soldier. M
2777 Satum Latin God of the harvest. M
2778 Savill Latin From the willow farm. M
2779 Savina Latin A Sabine. F
2780 Scholastica Latin Scholar. F

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