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81 Roka Japanese White crest of the wave. M
82 Sachio Japanese Fortunately born. M
83 Saniiro Japanese Praise; admirable. M
84 Seiji Japanese Lawful; manages affairs of state. M
85 Shoda Japanese Flat and level field. M
86 Suzu Japanese Long-lived; crane. F
87 Suzu Japanese Long-lived; crane. M
88 Tadao Japanese Complacent; satisfied. M
89 Taji Japanese Surname meaning silver and yellow color. F

90 Taji Japanese Silver and yellow color. M
91 Takeo Japanese Strong like bamboo. M
92 Tamae Japanese Ball; bell. F
93 Tami Japanese Let people see benefit. F
94 Tamika Japanese People. F
95 Tanjiro Japanese High-valued second son. M
96 Taree Japanese Bending branch. F
97 Taro Japanese Big boy. M
98 Taura Japanese Many lakes;many rivers. F
99 Taya Japanese Valley field. F
100 Teiji Japanese Righteous; well governed. M

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