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Popular Italian names for girls and boys

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141 Cesare Italian Long haired. M
142 Cesario Italian Variant of Caesar. M
143 Chiara Italian Light. Variant of Clare. F
144 Ciana Italian Feminine variant of John. F
145 Cinzia Italian Variant of Greek name Cynthia - one of the names of the mythological mood goddess Artemis referring to her birth on Mount Cynthus. F
146 Cira Italian Sun. Variant of Cyril. F
147 Ciri Italian Variant of Cyril. F
148 Clariee Italian Clear. F
149 Clariss Italian Clear. F

150 Clarissa Italian Clear. F
151 Claudina Italian Feminine form of Claude: lame. F
152 Columbine Italian Dove. F
153 Concetta Italian From the Latin Cencepta, meaning conceived, a reference to the Immaculate Conception. F
154 Concetto Italian Reference to the Immaculate Conception. M
155 Consolata Italian Consolation. F
156 Constansie Italian Constancy; steadfastness. F
157 Constantia Italian Constancy; steadfastness. F
158 Constantin Italian Firm. M
159 Constantina Italian Constancy; steadfastness. F
160 Constanza Italian Constancy; steadfastness. F

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