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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1361 Maolruadhan Irish Serves Saint Ruadhan. M
1362 Maonaigh Irish Wealthy. M

1363 Marcas Irish Of Mars. The Roman fertility god Mars for whom March was named. M
1364 Mare Irish Bitter. F
1365 Marella Irish Shining sea. Variant of Muriel. F
1366 Margaret Irish Name of a saint. F
1367 Marilla Irish Shining sea. Variant of Muriel. F
1368 Marmaduke Irish Servant of Madoc (fortunate). M
1369 Maud Irish Strong battle maiden. F
1370 Maude Irish Strong battle maiden. F
1371 Maughold Irish Name of a saint. M
1372 Maura Irish Bitter. F
1373 Maureen Irish Bitter. F

1374 Maurine Irish Bitter. F
1375 Maurya Irish Bitter. F
1376 Mave Irish Joy. F
1377 Mayra Irish Variant of Maire, a Gaelic form of Mary: bitter. F
1378 Mccoy Irish Surname. M
1379 Meade Irish Honey wine or meadow. M
1380 Meadhbh Irish Happiness or pearl. F

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