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301 Skanda Indian God of war. M
302 Sunreet Indian Pure. M
303 Sur Indian Sharp nosed. F
304 Taj Indian Crown. M
305 Takshaka Indian Carpenter. M
306 Tandu Indian God of dancing. M
307 Tapati Indian Daughter of the sun god. F
308 Tara Indian Goddess of the sea. F
309 Taraka Indian Demon. F

310 Tathagata Indian Walks the straightway. M
311 Tayib Indian Good. M
312 Tripada Indian God of fever. M
313 Trishna Indian Desired. F
314 Trisna Indian Desired. F
315 Tulsi Indian Basil. F
316 Uja Indian Grow. M
317 Uma Indian Bright. F
318 Upala Indian Opal. F
319 Usha Indian Daughter of Bana. F
320 Ushas Indian Dawn. F

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