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101 Kat Hungarian Pure. F
102 Katakin Hungarian Pure. F
103 Katalin Hungarian Pure. F
104 Katarina Hungarian Variant of Katherine. Pure. F
105 Kati Hungarian Abbreviation of Katherine. Pure. F
106 Katinka Hungarian Pure. F
107 Kelemen Hungarian Gentle. M
108 Kellman Hungarian Gentle. M
109 Kristof Hungarian Hungarian form of Christopher 'Christ bearer'. M

110 Kriszta Hungarian Christian. F
111 Ktisztina Hungarian Christian. F
112 Laszlo Hungarian Famous ruler. M
113 Lenci Hungarian Light. F
114 Linka Hungarian Mannish. F
115 Liza Hungarian Consecrated to God. F
116 Lorant Hungarian Victoly. M
117 Lorencz Hungarian Hungarian form of Lawrence 'laurel'. M
118 Lukacs Hungarian Hungarian form of Lucas 'light'. M
119 Malcsi Hungarian Industrious. F
120 Malika Hungarian Industrious. F


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