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1981 Tzadok Hebrew Just. M
1982 Tzefanyah Hebrew Treasure by God. M
1983 Tzefanyahu Hebrew Treasure by God. M
1984 Tzilla Hebrew Defender. F
1985 Tzion Hebrew Sunny mountain. M
1986 Tzippa Hebrew Bird. F
1987 Tzivia Hebrew Doe. F
1988 Tziyon Hebrew Son of Zion. M
1989 Tziyona Hebrew Of Zion. F

1990 Tzuriel Hebrew God is my rock. M
1991 Tzvi Hebrew Deer. M
1992 Tzzipporah Hebrew Bird. F
1993 Uri Hebrew God is my light. M
1994 Uriah Hebrew God is my light; light of the Lord. Uriah Heep was the clerk in the novel 'David Copperfield', written by Charles Dickens. M
1995 Urice Hebrew Light. F
1996 Uriel Hebrew God is my light. M
1997 Urit Hebrew Light. F
1998 Uzziah Hebrew God is mighty. M
1999 Uzziel Hebrew God is mighty. M
2000 Uzziye Hebrew God's strength. F

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