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2421 Tivadar Greek Gracious gift. M
2422 Todor Greek Gracious gift. M
2423 Tosia Greek Reaper. F
2424 Toxeus Greek Brother of Althaea. M
2425 Tracey Greek Variant of Teresa: Reap; from Therasia. F
2426 Tracey Greek Harvester. M
2427 Tracy Greek Variant of Teresa: Reaper; from Therasia. F
2428 Tracy Greek Harvester. M
2429 Tressam Greek Reaper. F

2430 Trina Greek Innocent. F
2431 Trine Greek Innocent. F
2432 Triptolemus Greek Taught agriculture by Demeter. M
2433 Triton Greek Son of Poseidon. M
2434 Trophonius Greek Brother of Agamedes. M
2435 Troy Greek From Troy (ancient city). M
2436 Tryn Greek Innocent. F
2437 Tryna Greek Innocent. F
2438 Tryne Greek Innocent. F
2439 Tryphena Greek Dainty; delicate. F
2440 Tuder Greek Gracious gift. M

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