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Popular Czechoslovakian names for girls and boys

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21 Cerny Czechoslovakian Black. M
22 Cestmir Czechoslovakian Fortress. M
23 Chval Czechoslovakian Flattery. M
24 Damek Czechoslovakian Of the earth. M
25 Darina Czechoslovakian Feminine of Darius; a Persian royal name. F
26 Dudek Czechoslovakian Bagpiper. M
27 Eda Czechoslovakian Wealthy guardian. M
28 Ferda Czechoslovakian Brave. M
29 Fiala Czechoslovakian Violet. F

30 Fleischaker Czechoslovakian Butcher. M
31 Franta Czechoslovakian Free. M
32 Frantiska Czechoslovakian Free. F
33 Greguska Czechoslovakian Watchful. M
34 Han Czechoslovakian Variant of John. M
35 Hlinka Czechoslovakian Burns lime. M
36 Hnedy Czechoslovakian Brown. M
37 Holic Czechoslovakian Barber. M
38 Honza Czechoslovakian Gift from God. M
39 Hrusosky Czechoslovakian Dwells near the pear tree. M
40 Hudak Czechoslovakian Blond. M

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