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Popular Celtic names for girls and boys

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581 Morgane Celtic Dweller of the sea. F
582 Morna Celtic Dearly loved or tender. F
583 Morrigan Celtic A war goddess. F
584 Morven Celtic Lives by the sea. M
585 Morvyn Celtic Lives by the sea. M
586 Moryn Celtic Lives by the sea. M
587 Moya Celtic Exceptional. F
588 Moyna Celtic Tender or mild. F
589 Mungo Celtic Lovable. M

590 Murdoc Celtic Seaman. M
591 Murdoch Celtic Seaman. M
592 Murdock Celtic Seaman. M
593 Muriel Celtic Shining sea. F
594 Murray Celtic Lives by the sea. M
595 Murry Celtic Lives by the sea. M
596 Murtagh Celtic Protects the sea. M
597 Mynogan Celtic Mythical father of Beli. M
598 Myrna Celtic Tender. F
599 Naois Celtic Mythical warrior. M
600 Nara Celtic Contented. F

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