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161 Ahimoth Biblical Brother of death M
162 Ahinadab Biblical A willing brother; brother of a vow M
163 Ahinoam Biblical Beauty of the brother; brother of motion M
164 Ahio Biblical His brother; his brethren M
165 Ahira Biblical Brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd M
166 Ahiram Biblical Brother of craft or of protection M
167 Ahisamach Biblical Brother of strength M
168 Ahishahur Biblical Brother of the morning or dew; brother of blackness M
169 Ahishar Biblical Brother of a prince; brother of a song M

170 Ahithophel Biblical Brother of ruin or folly M
171 Ahitub Biblical Brother of goodness M
172 Ahlab Biblical Made of milk or of fat; brother of the heart M
173 Ahlai Biblical Beseeching, sorrowing, expecting. F
174 Ahoah Biblical A live brother; my thorn or thistle M
175 Aholah Biblical His tabernacle; his tent M
176 Aholiab Biblical The tent of the father M
177 Aholibah Biblical My tent or my tabernacle in her F
178 Aholibamah Biblical My tabernacle is exalted. F
179 Ahumai Biblical A meadow of waters; a brother of waters M
180 Ahuzam Biblical Their taking or possessing vision. M

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