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81 Achish Biblical Thus it is, how is this. M
82 Achmetha Biblical Brother of death M
83 Achor Biblical Trouble. F
84 Achor Biblical Trouble. M
85 Achsah Biblical Adorned, bursting the veil. F
86 Achshaph Biblical Poison, tricks. F
87 Achshaph Biblical Poison, tricks. M
88 Achzib Biblical Liar; lying; one that runs M
89 Adadah Biblical Testimony of the assembly M

90 Adah Biblical An assembly M
91 Adaiah Biblical The witness of the Lord M
92 Adaliah Biblical One that draws water, poverty, cloud, death. F
93 Adaliah Biblical One that draws water, poverty, cloud, death M
94 Adam Biblical Earthy; red M
95 Adamah Biblical Red earth; of blood M
96 Adami Biblical My man; red; earthy; human M
97 Adar Biblical High; eminent M
98 Adbeel Biblical Vapor. M
99 Addi Biblical My witness, adorned, prey F
100 Addi Biblical My witness, adorned, prey M


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