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Popular Arabic names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
401 Kaseeb Arabic Fertile. M
402 Kaseem Arabic Divided. M

403 Kasib Arabic Fertile. M
404 Kasim Arabic Divided. M
405 Kassim Arabic Divided. M
406 Kateb Arabic Writer. M
407 Kedar Arabic Strong. M
408 Ketifa Arabic Flowering. F
409 Khadijah Arabic Muhammad's first wife who the Koran describes as one of four perfect women. (Fatima and Mary and Aisha were the others. ). F
410 Khaldun Arabic Eternal. M
411 Khalid Arabic Eternal. M
412 Khalidah Arabic Eternal. F
413 Khalil Arabic Companion. M

414 Khanh Arabic Prince. Title used by central Asian tribal chieftains and ruling princes. M
415 Kharim Arabic Generous; a friend. The Koran lists generosity as one of 99 qualities of God. M
416 Kharouf Arabic Lamb. M
417 Khayri Arabic Generous. M
418 Khayyat Arabic Tailor. M
419 Khoury Arabic Priest. M
420 Laila Arabic Born at night. F

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