List of pradosha vrata dates for year 2014

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Pradosha Vrata Dates for Year 2014

List of pradosha vrata dates for year 2014

13th January (Monday)Soma Pradosh17:56 to 20:31
28th January (Tuesday)Bhauma Pradosh18:05 to 20:38
12th February (Wednesday)Pradosha18:12 to 20:43
27thFebruary (Thursday) Pradosham 18:18 to 20:18
13th March (Thursday)Pradosha18:21 to 20:47
28th March (Friday)Pradosha18:24 to 20:47
12th April (Saturday) Shani Pradosh 18:27 to 20:47
26th April (Saturday) Shani Pradosh18:31 to 20:48
12th May (Monday) Soma Pradosh 18:36 to 20:50
26th May (Monday) Soma Pradosh18:41to 20:53
10th June (Tuesday) Bhauma Pradosha Vratam) 18:46 to 20:57
24th June (Tuesday) Bhauma Pradosh Vratam18:49 to 21:01
10th July (Thursday) Pradosham18:50 to 21:03
24th July (Thursday) Pradosh 18:48 to 21:02
08th August (Friday) Pradosha Vratam18:42 to 20:58
22nd August (Friday) Pradosh 18:33 to 20:51
06th September (Saturday) Shani Pradosh 18:22 to 20:43
21st September (Sunday) Pradosh Vrat18:09 to 20:33
06th October (Monday) Soma Pradosh 17:57 to 20:24
21st October (Tuesday) Bhauma Pradosh17:47 to 20:16
04th November (Tuesday) Bhauma Pradosh 17:39 to 20:11
19th November (Wednesday) Pradosh Vrat 18:07 to 20:10
04th December (Thursday) Pradosh Vrata 17:36 to 19:03
19th December (Friday) Pradosh Vrat 17:42 to 20:18

Shani Pradosha (Shani trayodashi days are hilighted. Those who are going through Sade Sathi, Kantaka Shani, Astama Shani are adviced to perform tailabhishekam to Lord Shani on Shani trayodashi days to nullify negative results of Shani.

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