Kumbha Rashi April 2014 month Rashiphal (Rashifal), Monthly forecast for Aquarius Sign

జయ నామసంవత్సర రాశిఫలములు, ఆదాయ, వ్యయములు



Kumbha Rashi April 2014 Rashiphal (Rashifal)

Monthly forecast for Aquarius Sign

Kumbha Rashi September 2014 Rashiphal (Rashifal)People born under Dhanishta (3, 4 Pada), Satabhisham (4), Purvabhadra (1, 2, 3 Pada) comes under Kumbha rashi. Lord of this rashi is Saturn.
This month Mercury transiting over Kumbha rashi in 1st house till 4th, he transits over meena rashi till 20th in 2nd house and he moves to Mesha rashi on 20th April, 3rd house. Sun transits over Meena rashi, 2nd house up to 14th and after that he moves to Mesha rashi, 3rd house. Venus transiting over Kumbha rashi, 1st house till 28th and then moves to Meena rashi, 2nd house on 28th. Mars will transit over Kanya rashi, 8th house through out the month.
This month will be highly fruitful for you. Except for a few sad moments, life will be easy and smooth. You will earn a lot of money this month, the sources can be many. If you are in business you will get the desired profit and success in it. Your existing business will be flourishing and so you may even think of launching a new project. If you are in service you will be patronised by the high officials. They will fully support you. There will be an upliftment in your status. There will be a celebration in the family. It can be marriage ceremony of one of your family member or birth of a child. Whatever be the occasion you will celebrate it with much fanfare and grandeur. You will spend money on new clothes, golden jewelleries etc. But on the negative side there will be disputes within the family which will cause you tension. Though your wife and children will love and cooperate with you.

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