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Horary Astrology:: Ask a Question

Free online horoscope (Birth chart, Janam kundli) in Telugu and English with predictions



Horary Astrology:: Ask a Question

Get Instant Answers for your problems

Horary Astrology, Ask a Question, Prashna ShastraHorary Astrology (Prashana Jyotish, Chappanna Shastram) is one of the branches of Astrology. It is perfect, Mysterious, Wonderful and most useful. It gives accurate, correct, clear and precise predictions. Horary Astrology is more preferred than Natal Astrology. To erect a horoscope the time of birth should be accurate. However, the time of birth in most cases is not correct.

One more thing is in one's Horoscope it may be found that the person will have an agricultural farm, but one can't say with out the help of horary astrology that whether he will have the crop of Oranges or Mangos. Therefore to have exact and precise prediction on a particular thing Horary Astrology is very useful. You can ask any type of question like Job, Marriage, Children, Journeys, Health etc...  It is also helpful for missing articles, theft and missing persons to find the right direction and possibility of recovery.

You can ask your questions by mail, chat or phone. No Birth Details Needed.

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